Answer the toughest questions with ease.

If you’re using traditional supply chain technology, answering your most important business questions can take hours—time you just don’t have. Why work extra hours searching for data? Agistix puts the insights you need at your fingertips. With just a few clicks, you can analyze your shipping spend, identify areas for improvement, and change the way your management thinks about freight. Next time your executives ask you tough questions, you'll not only give clear answers, but also have enough insight to make a strategic contribution to the business.

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Agistix helps you figure out:

  • What is my freight spend across all of my suppliers?

  • What do I owe that I haven’t been invoiced for yet?

  • How does on-time performance compare across all my carriers?

  • How do I report damaged shipments?

  • Am I being billed for goods that weren’t delivered yet?

  • What's coming inbound today?

  • Can I reduce costs by better leveraging my negotiated contracts?

  • Which suppliers aren’t shipping according to my guidelines?

  • What’s driving the delta between shipping estimates and actuals?

  • Did I get the shipment that I'm being invoiced for?

  • How much are the contracts I negotiated saving my company?

  • Am I being billed properly based on the contracts I negotiated?

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